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Best Organic Herbal Tea

Tea Tonic makes every sip special with maximum goodness in every cup. From health-packed herbal tea to bold black tea, gorgeous greens and wondrous whites, we have a tea for every taste. Plus, we’re Australian Certified Organic – so you know our tea is 100% natural. No nasties. No chemicals. Just good vibes and great flavours. Go on, treat yourself. Elevate your tea time.

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“ As a naturopath, traditional teas can do more harm than good so I wanted to raise the bar with premium, unprocessed teas made from organic ingredients – teas that would improve health, that people would genuinely love to drink. That’s was the original vision, and it still inspires me today. ”
Lisa Hilbert, Founder
Tea Tonic

Why choose
organic tea?

Tea that’s better for you – and the environment too! At Tea Tonic, we’re proudly Australian and proudly organic. With more than 80% of our range being Australian Certified Organic, our teas promote wellbeing, while also protecting the planet...

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