Tea is the traditional drink of choice for Australians and for good reason! The benefits of tea include reducing stress, promoting heart health, and even clearing skin with our Day Tonic Cream and Night Tonic Creams. Here at TEA TONIC we take all the guesswork out of finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family. Our curated collections include sets to suit all tastes and budgets. Best yet, we offer free shipping on orders $100 within Australia.


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Tea Gift FAQs

What is in a tea gift pack?

We have a range of carefully curated gift sets and travel packs, all of which make great presents for family, friends and colleagues. Choose your gift based on that special person in your life. Our Tea Gift Sets page will take you through the myriad of gift ideas we have on offer.

You might buy your loved ones tea alone, or mix it with useful tea making equipment they can use at home or in their workplace. For example a stylish Glass Tea Pot and a Stainless Steel Teapot Warmer would make a great gift, alongside any of our delicious loose leaf tea blends.

Our gift sets also include travel tins, tea strainers, individually packaged teas, and loose leaf tea.

For when you don’t know what tea your gift recipient likes, we have mixed packs of our popular tea blends. Our Assorted Sampler includes 33 individually-wrapped, unbleached tea bags of different varieties, meaning your recipient gets to try a range of tea blends. Who knows, they might find a favourite?

Can you give tea as a gift?

We are Tea Tonic! We’ve built our business on our adoration of tea, so of course we believe tea is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive!

But if you need a few reasons why tea rocks, here is a quick list:

  • Most people love tea! And lovers of tea know there are many more teas for them to try and enjoy than the usual ones they stick to. In addition, even if your tea drinker loves drinking that Earl Grey they get from the supermarket, they will get a different taste experience when they drink Tea Tonic’s Earl Grey in loose leaf and tea bag forms. (The same goes for all our teas.)
  • Those who don’t drink tea still like to entertain and offer tea to guests. Therefore tea is an excellent thing for people to have in the home.
  • Some people don’t like caffeinated teas, but love the taste of herbal teas, and the ceremony around brewing a pot of tea to enjoy with friends (or solo).
  • People who say they don’t drink hot beverages may still love a nice chilled tea! Cold teas are so refreshing in the warmer months, and it’s one way to avoid the mouth heat some people dislike.
  • Tea lasts for a long time! You can store it in a bag for around four months or up to a year in a tin or airtight container. This gives your gift recipient plenty of time to enjoy that tea gift.
  • Different teas foster different moods, so you can really cater your tea purchase to your friend, what they like, and what’s happening in their life. Has your friend been having a challenging year? A nice comforting Choc Chai tea might be just what they need. Are they on a health kick? Why not grab them a Detox Tea Pack?

What is the best tea gift pack?

All our tea gift packs have something unique to offer. If your friend is an experienced tea drinker with a favoured type of tea, you might buy them the tea you know they love or that flavour mixed into a specialty blend.

If your friend isn’t too experienced with tea, consider buying an assorted pack of tea bags, so they can try a range of flavours and blends.

If the tea drinker you know only uses tea bags, you might give them equipment for brewing loose leaf tea, like a teapot, infuser, or cup with strainer.

If you know your friend or colleague is preparing to travel, our loose leaf travel teas or travel packs (that include the strainer) are a great gift option.

There’s also the option of curating your own gift pack by mixing some of our gift sets, or selecting a range of teas of your choice and gifting them this way.

Where should I buy tea gift sets and packs in Australia?

Tea Tonic is your one-stop shop when it comes to buying tea gift sets and packs in Australia.

We have stockists scattered all over Australia, so there’s sure to be one near you if you want to pick a gift up.

Alternatively, you can take the easy option of ordering a Tea Tonic gift online and having it delivered to you or your recipient. Orders over $100 receive free shipping within Australia. (Allow 4-5 business days for shipping within metropolitan areas and 5-8 business days for regional Australia.) For more information on our shipping within Australia and overseas, see our Shipping & Returns page.

What can you gift a person who loves tea?

There’s a range of Tea Tonic gifts that suit tea lovers.

How do you know which is the right gift?

The best way is to observe what your tea-loving friend enjoys drinking. Some tea drinkers will adore an English Breakfast tea, but may have a distaste for fruit teas. Or they may love to drink loose-leaf tea but won’t tolerate a tea bag.

So observe what your friend likes to drink (or just ask them), then you’ve got a good shot at getting them a gift they’ll love. Buying the tea flavour they already love means they’ll definitely drink it.

If you know they are open to experimenting, you could get them something new, like a blend that includes their flavour of choice but mixed with other teas and spices.

There’s also the option of tea-related equipment. Tea lovers tend to love tea gear, so tea strainers, infusers, tins and tea chests tend are usually very welcome in a tea lover’s house.

What age group should I gift tea to?

All age groups love our teas! We do have teas suited to different age groups for example, older people tend to enjoy our classic minty Well Being Tea or a Dark Chocolate & Black tea, while kids love our Apple Tree Tea and Thirst Quencher Tea to name a few! If you need a suggestion feel free to send us a message via the Chat with us button on the bottom right hand of your page.

If you are serving tea for a child, make sure you steep it somewhere they can’t reach and wait till it’s cool before serving. Chamomile, fennel, ginger, mint and fruit teas tend to be safe tea flavours for children, although you should always check the ingredients of any tea blend.