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In the enchanting year of 1998, a vision took root – Tea Tonic was born. Our founder, Lisa Hilbert, a naturopath and herbalist, embarked on a journey to share her profound love for tea with the world. Fueled by a mission to infuse wellness into everyday life, Lisa's commitment to quality was unwavering. She recognised the risks associated with heavily processed teas and resolved to craft blends using only the purest ingredients – organic plants and herbs that not only delighted the senses but also promoted good health.

Every passing year brought new teas, each as flavoursome as the last, all proudly made in Australia from the finest organic ingredients.

More than 20 years later, in the heart of Australia, where the sun kisses the shores and a vibrant culture thrives, Tea Tonic stands as a testament to the spirit of Sydney. Founded on the principles of purity and well-being, our organic tea blends are a celebration of Sydney's love affair with quality and taste.

Lisa's journey, rooted in naturopathy, resonates with the diverse tapestry of Sydney. From the iconic landmarks to the bustling city streets, our commitment to offering the healthiest selection of organic teas mirrors the essence of Sydney's appreciation for the finer things in life.

At Tea Tonic, we are proud to be a part of Sydney's tea culture. Whether you're navigating the vibrant lifestyle of Bondi Beach or seeking solace in the hidden gems of Surry Hills, our teas are crafted to elevate your experience. Indulge in the goodness of nature - whether you’re shopping at one of our Sydney stockists or on our online store (where you can have your favourite tea delivered straight to your doorstep) . Because for us, tea is not just a beverage; it's a journey, and we invite you to embark on it with us.

Visit us in Sydney at:

The Sydney Royal Easter Show: 22nd March - 2nd April

The Good Food and Wine Show: 21st - 23rd June

The Carriageworks Christmas Market: 22nd - 24th November


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