Sustainability is our priority.


At Tea Tonic, we maintain our commitment as a responsible company, doing our part for the better future of our precious planet. At every level of the journey, we aim to make sustainability a priority.


All Tea Tonic tea bags are made in our Melbourne factory, which has been operating since 1998.  

Tea Tonic Teabags are made from unbleached compostable filter paper. Why unbleached paper? It’s raw, it’s pure, and it’s as nature provided. With no staples or glue, our teabags can go into your home compost after you’ve enjoyed your tea.

Loose leaf tea is an even more environmentally friendly option.


Local Freight 

When each order is packed and sent from our Tea Tonic factory, it is packed for extra safety with shredded cardboard from boxes & packaging materials that we can no longer use. 

International Freight 

Our chosen freight providers are part of the EccoNetwork, which works with innovative new technology to calculate and reduce the C02 emissions of their transports.  


We are continuously working with our suppliers to find more sustainable ways to package our teas and tea wares.  


All our teas are 100% plant-based, meaning that no animal by-products are used in our teas. 

Our teas & herbs are sourced from certified organic farms. We do not support slavery and we pay a fair price for all ingredients.