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In the bustling heart of Melbourne, a city renowned for its vibrant arts scene and culinary delights, Tea Tonic emerges as a beacon of wellness and natural living. Born in 1998 from the passionate vision of Lisa Hilbert, a naturopath and herbalist, Tea Tonic was not just a business but a journey into the heart of organic living. Lisa, with her deep-rooted belief in the power of nature, was determined to share her love for tea, crafting blends that were not only tantalising to the palate but also a boon for well-being.

Each year, our collection grows, brimming with teas that are as rich in flavour as they are in health benefits. Proudly Australian-made in Melbourne, our teas are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, made with the finest organic ingredients sourced with care and consideration.

More than two decades later, Tea Tonic stands tall amidst Melbourne's iconic laneways and vibrant art-filled streets. Our organic teas reflect Melbourne's eclectic spirit, a city that embraces innovation and cherishes quality. Lisa's vision, deeply ingrained in the principles of naturopathy, resonates with Melbourne's diverse culture of sustainability, health, and the joy of a finely brewed cup of tea - so much so that we have based our very own tea factory here.

Tea Tonic is an integral part of Melbourne's dynamic tea scene. Whether you're soaking in the artistic ambiance of the NGV, wandering through the lush Royal Botanic Gardens, or exploring the trendy cafes of Fitzroy, our teas are designed to enhance your experience, adding a touch of tranquillity and wellness to your day.

We take pride in our presence in Melbourne, not just online but also through our esteemed stockists. While our online store offers the convenience of having your favourite organic tea delivered directly to your home, our presence in local Melbourne stockists ensures that a cup of Tea Tonic is never too far away.


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