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Established in 1998 by naturopath Lisa Hilbert, Tea Tonic offers a haven for Brisbane residents and visitors seeking organic teas that are both delicious and good for you. Our extensive collection features a variety of blends, each boasting rich flavours and a symphony of health benefits. We source only the finest organic ingredients, ensuring the highest quality in every cup.

Brisbane's vibrant spirit of embracing life's simple pleasures and healthy living resonates deeply with Tea Tonic's philosophy.  Founded upon Lisa's dedication to naturopathy, our teas perfectly complement Brisbane's thriving wellness scene. This connection extends beyond our products - we've partnered with local Brisbane stockists to bring you the perfect cup, no matter where you are in the city.

While we're proud to be part of Brisbane's online tea scene, delivering your favourite organic tea straight to your door, we also believe in the joy of discovery. Partnering with local Brisbane stores allows you to find a delightful cup of Tea Tonic waiting for you around every corner. So, explore Brisbane and discover the perfect cup to match your adventure.

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