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Hot days and Iced Tea, what a perfect combination! Increase your water intake without noticing and gain the benefits of fresh herbs. Our teas are made from the best quality ingredients to help you to improve your health with feature amazing flavours such as Apple Tree Tea, Fruity Tutty, Blue Magic Tea, and more option. Do you want tea bags or loose leaf tea? We have both options for you, check out our range of products below.


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Iced Tea FAQs FAQs

How do I make iced tea at home?

Making iced tea at home is easy. Here's a simple recipe:

  1. Select Your Loose Leaf Tea: Choose your favourite loose leaf tea, like black, green, or herbal tea.

  2. Cold Water:

  3. Add Loose Leaf Tea: Place 2 tablespoons of loose leaf tea in your glass wine bottle or iced tea jug.

  4. Pour Cold Water: Yes, you only need to add cold water! Add 750ml – 1L of water.

  5. Steep: Allow the tea to steep for 20 minutes.

  6. Serve Over Ice: Pour the cold tea over ice, and it's ready to enjoy!

What tea is best for making iced tea?

The best tea for making iced tea depends on personal preference. However, popular choices include:

Experiment with different teas to find your preferred iced tea flavour!

Is iced tea healthy?

Generally, iced tea can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. It contains antioxidants, which are beneficial for overall well-being. Our naturally sweet teas are all sugar free which means you can sip them all day long. Some of our Iced teas contain monk fruit which you can read about here.

Does iced tea contain caffeine?

Yes, iced tea can contain caffeine, especially if made from traditional tea leaves like black or green tea. Herbal teas are usually caffeine-free. If you're sensitive to caffeine, consider choosing decaffeinated tea or herbal blends.

Is iced tea hydrating?

Yes, iced tea can contribute to hydration. While it does contain caffeine, the fluid content outweighs the diuretic effect of caffeine, making it a net positive for hydration. However, for optimal hydration, it's always a good idea to drink plenty of water throughout the day.