Popular questions

Where can I buy your tea?

We have a range of different stockist around Australia and New Zealand, Click Here to find one in your area. We recommend giving them a call to see if they have availability of stock. If not, you can purchase through our online site which offers worldwide shipping. If you are located in Melbourne you can visit our store at 45 Russell St, Abbotsford, open 9-5 Weekdays.

Where does your Tea come from?

Tea Tonic sources all its ingredients from the tea gardens of the world, depending on seasonality and quality.

Is there plastic material in Tea Tonic teabags?

Our tea bags have been made with the environment and health in mind, using unbleached filter paper and individually wrapped teabags in paper envelopes (no staples & completely compostable).

This means that you can enjoy the freshest made tea with minimal imprint ... the way nature intended tea to be enjoyed!

How is the Best way to store my tea?

To ensure that your cup of tea always tastes good the ideal way to store your tea is in an airtight tin or glass container, keep this out of direct sunlight and if possible, a cool area. Our caddy tins are great because they are completely airtight, and no sunlight can get it!

What is the ingredient ‘flavour’ used in your teas?

Most of our teas do not contain flavouring, but there are some that do. The flavour used in our teas is a natural flavouring this is to give an intense flavour. You can check out all our teas and their ingredients here to find the perfect one for you.

Why choose organic?

Organic is 100% natural, pure & simple. Organic food systems such as the products we use here at Tea Tonic, do not rely on synthetic farm fertilizes, herbicides, pesticides or drenches.

Organic Food contains no harmful preservatives or additives & is GMO free. Organic blends use the very best of science and ingenuity with centuries or agricultural expertise.

Is organic better for you?

There is more and more evidence arising that shows that organic food can have higher nutritional value. Recent studies conducted internationally have found that plant-based foods contain on average, at least 25% more beneficial nutrients than non-organic equivalents.

How do I know it's organic?

When purchasing an organic product always look for a 'Certified Organic' logo such as The Australian Certified Organic Bud to ensure integrity of your food. This certification stamp means that organic farmers have been audited to comply with strict standards. It takes 3 years to become an Australian Certified Organic Producer, which proves that operators are committed to ensuring that their customers are not exposed to any unwanted extras.

Are Tea Tonic teas safe to drink during pregnancy?

Most of our teas are safe to drink while pregnant.

Well-Being and Relaxation Tea are highly recommended, during this stage. Well-Being is brilliant whilst breastfeeding, as it goes through the breast milk and help stop colic in the baby (as it helps reduce acid reflux, due to the alfalfa & spearmint) and reduce the occurrence of mastitis in the boobs (due to the Calendula in the tea).

Some women choose not to have any caffeine in their diet, as it is a personal choice. Click here to find what teas have free of caffeine.

There are a few teas we do recommend avoiding. With the Australiana Tea we would avoid this in the first trimester as it has a naturally occurring very high volatile oil content, and essential oils should be avoided. If you suffer high blood pressure during your pregnancy, I would also avoid Licorice Lover Tea and Throat Soother Tea.

Some of my Teaware broke? What Can I do?

We are completely aware that sometimes things break, you might drop your glass wine bottle, or lose a seal on your thermal bottle but that’s no worries as we have spares. If you contact our friendly team by either sending us an email at teatonic@teatonic.com.au or give us a call on 03 94163 378 we can help you out.

How do I find out what tea I’ll like?

Everyone’s taste is different so we have put them into three categories, below you will find a table to help you decide.

Where do you get you Teapot Hats from?

The spectacular Ward & Wylie creates the teapot hats for Tea Tonic. A unique hat of every tea blend, worn by the gorgeous Tea Ladies at shows all around the country.

For a private appointment please phone Luci on 0416 243 254

You can see their designs on the Ward-Wylie Facebook page.