8 iced teas to try this summer

Another hot summer is on the horizon – and hot summer days call for cool iced teas. Whether you’re already an iced tea devotee or you’re looking for a fun way to enjoy your favourite blends, Tea Tonic is here to help you stay chilled this summer. Check out our must-have iced teas below (all of them are sugar-free), plus the best brewing tool you’ll buy this season. Bottoms up!

1. Thirst Quencher Tea

Satisfy your thirst with this summer favourite, made from hibiscus, moringa leaves and monk fruit. The naturally sweet raspberry flavour will stop you reaching for sugary drinks – and keep you hydrated.

2. Apple Tree Tea

Who needs apple pie when you have apple tea? Fresh, crisp and full-bodied, this delicious blend doubles as dessert. It’s the perfect refreshing drink when you’re craving something sweet. You can even eat the pure apple pieces after you’ve finished brewing.

3. Frutti Tutti Tea

Packed with natural fruit pieces and zingy lemongrass, this blend smacks your cheeks with a fresh burst of flavour. With its vibrant colour and taste, you won’t believe its sugar-free. Plus, it’s packed with vitamin C. What’s not to love?

4. Blue Magic Tea

Magic by name, magic by nature. This alluring blue tea is naturally coloured with butterfly pea. Add a squeeze of lemon and it turns to purple. The perfect summer party trick! Some people say it tastes like heaven. Others say Turkish Delight. We’ll let you decide.

5. Coconut Tea

No time for a tropical holiday? Our famously hydrating Coconut Tea is the next best thing. Replace lost electrolytes after a long, hot day and do your health a favour. It tastes like a Bounty, minus the chocolate, with a cheeky pinch of pineapple. Yum!

6. Oriental Twist Tea

Go green and clean with this unique, metabolic boosting blend. The Chinese superfood, lychee, mingles with aromatic Jasmine flowers for a delicate floral treat. It’s cool, bright and fresh – a fab combo for summer.

7. Cold brew any blend in style

For an iced tea that looks as good as it tastes, try our gorgeous glass wine bottle for teas. This little beauty is the best way to brew and serve iced tea. Perfect for dinner parties or date nights, it makes cold brewing a breeze.

Simply add 2 tablespoons of tea to the bottle, then fill it with water and ice. Pop on the lid, let it brew for 20 minutes, pour into a glass and enjoy!

8. What’s your go-to tea for summer?

Do you have a favourite Tea Tonic blend you love to sip in summer? Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re drinking!