Tea & Pregnancy

During this important stage of life Tea Tonic has many naturopathic blends that aid in making pregnancy and breastfeeding that little bit easier. 

Well Being Tea

Heal and relax your digestion and stop bloating with a calming blend of Spearmint, Alfalfa & Calendula. It helps to alkaline your bodies tissues to elevate your general health and wellbeing.

Great for breastfeeding as it helps prevent colic in the baby & mastitis in the breasts.

True Calm Tea 

A combination of Tulsi, Moringa, Cornflower Blossom and Monk Fruit. Acting as a balancing tonic, this tea will adapt to your body's needs by helping eliminate stress and create an internal peace so that you can deal with anything life throws at you.

Holy Basil (Tulsi) is an adaptogen traditionally used in Indian herbal medicine to reduce depression, breathing problems, and anxiety. 

It's naturally sweet and has a delicious passionfruit taste that can be enjoyed hot or iced. Impossible to stop at one cup!

Relaxation Tea

Relaxation Tea is one of the original Tea Tonic blends and is one of the best-sellers today. The holistic mix of Skullcap, Melissa, Lavender, Passion Flower, and Lemongrass calms nerves during the day or nightly to sleep and help stay asleep. Great for new or expecting mums and dads. 

Plus every cup of tea will provide you with 4% of your RDI of iron, add a slice of lemon to this tea to achieve an even higher absorption.


Please note we would recommend those in their first trimester to avoid drinking Australiana Tea, as it has a naturally occurring high volatile oil content, and essential oils should be avoided during this stage.

We would also avoid Licorice Lover Tea and Throat Soother Tea if you suffer from high blood pressure.


Need extra support?

If you need help choosing the right tea to support you through this exciting stage, drop us a line at teatonic@teatonic.com.au. We have blends for every taste and purpose – and we love talking tea!