Start Your New Year Right with Tea Tonic's Range of Teas

Detox your way into a new year with organic tea

What better way to start the year than with a detox. It is the perfect way to reset your body and kickstart your health goals.

We always recommend starting your day with our original and most famous, Complexion Tea, as it gives a gentle cleanse for the blood, liver and lymphatics while promoting radiant glowing skin. We shower our bodies every day, so why not do the same for our insides?

A combination of calendula petals, nettle, dandelion, burdock, and red clover, it's savoury to taste and with a squeeze of lemon it contributes to over 10% of your recommended daily intake of iron. 

Coffee Addict Tea is another detox blend comprised of roasted dandelion root, native wattle-seed and ginseng. A stimulating and stabilising alternative to coffee that will benefit your liver & add a spring to your step. Start a healthy addiction with this detox tea!

To help maintain inner balance we recommend Longevity Tea. This deliciously creamy vanilla tea will sparkle in your cup and is the secret to a healthy long life. One of the core ingredients, Gynnostemma, has traditionally been used for centuries throughout Asia. It supports the needs of your body and adapts to strengthen where you are weak. 

Oriental Twist Tea is a unique tea experience with a blend of the super food Lychee, delicate Jasmine flowers and Green Tea. Thirst quenching and a mild stimulant, ideal for the calorie conscious as it targets visceral fat - an excellent option if you've been looking for tea that reduces fat.

Another delicious green tea to help boost metabolism and energise is the Berry Green Tea. With the added sweetness and antioxidants of the berries this sweet tea will give you a double strength boost, perfect as your 3 o'clock pick me up.

Thirst Quencher Tea is another naturally sweet mouthwatering tea that can be drunk all day hot or chilled. A combination of hibiscus, moringa, calendula and monk-fruit, it is FODMAP friendly and gentle on the digestive system. With no artificial flavours, colours or stimulants it is the perfect guilt free treat. 

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