Spring clean your system naturally with tea

At Tea Tonic, we’re all about self-care and healthy rituals – but we also believe in having fun and finding the balance in life. If you overindulged during winter (on late nights, long blacks or cheeky lunches), spring is the perfect time to reset your system. The great news is you can start with tea, simply by choosing cleansing blends that support detoxification. Here are 3 of our favourites to kick-start your spring clean.

Coffee Addict Tea

Need stamina for your busy day, but sick of being a slave to caffeine? Our famous Coffee Addict tea is your new best friend. Made from a delicious combo of roasted dandelion root, wattle seed and ginseng, Coffee Addict soothes cravings while delivering a natural energy hit.

Stimulating, yet stabilising, this blend is completely caffeine free. Its liver detoxifying powers will leave you feeling fresh, vital and full of energy. As for flavour, the earthy, nutty taste is just as good as the real thing. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to kick your macchiato habit!

Serve Coffee Addict hot on its own, or with a splash of your favourite milk.

White Tea & Rose Petals

All Tea Tonic teas are minimally processed and wonderfully fresh – and our white teas top the list when it comes to wellbeing. Choosing a favourite white tea is a tough, but White Tea & Rose Petals is a standout for spring.

Made from baby buds of the tea plant, this light floral blend is incredibly high in antioxidants, extremely low in caffeine, and completely free of tannins. It’s the ideal way to wake up your body after winter, by oxygenating your tissues and cells. It also helps clear the mind, thanks to those amazing antioxidants.

The addition of delicate rose petals adds a fancy, fragrant touch. Impossible to stop at one cup!

Complexion Tea

Your skin reflects what’s happening in your body. So, if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, it often shows up in your skin. Thankfully, our Complexion Tea, can help restore the balance and combat those nasty culprits – like breakouts, puffiness and dullness.

Complexion Tea is the original Tea Tonic blend and it’s still our best-seller today. The holistic mix of savoury herbs supports elimination, cleansing the blood, liver and lymphatics. This helps to reveal radiant, glowing skin. And who doesn’t want that in spring?

Complexion Tea is caffeine free, so it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Morning, noon and night – it’s always time for tea.

Need support for your spring clean?

If you need help choosing the right tea to support your wellbeing goals this season, drop us a line at teatonic@teatonic.com.au. We have blends for every taste and purpose – and we love talking tea!