Tea as an Alternative for Alcohol on Sober Months

Tea is a great substitute for alcohol 

Alcohol is great until you realise it's not doing your health any good. But then what? If you’re taking a month off drinking, way to go. Whether it’s for charitable or personal reasons, you’re doing yourself a big favour and it's a pretty big step to take too. Let's uncover some of the best teas in Australia that will help you make alcohol-free month a breeze for you. 

Did you know that a single alcohol-free month can bring a lifetime's worth of improvement to your health and reverse some of the negative short and long term effects on your body?

The hardest part of it all is overcoming the thirst for alcohol. Sometimes we drink alcohol because we just need to consume a flavourful liquid or to quench our thirst.

Other times, there are social pressures to drink, however, this has seen a significant downturn recently with a trend towards people choose abstaining from alcohol for health and cultural reasons.

The good news? Tea is a great alternative to alcohol. Not only does it help you overcome the cravings for alcohol but can also improve your health and wellbeing, making tea a much better alternative compared to sodas and sweet juices. 


Benefits of abstaining from alcohol

Briefly, here are some of the benefits of abstaining from alcohol for even just one month: 

  • Healthier mind – there’s no brain fog with tea. You won’t experience the radical behavioural changes associated with drunkenness.
  • Liver health – your liver needs to work overtime to process alcohol in your body. Drinking tea instead of alcohol can help you avoid liver disease. 
  • Improved hydration – our bodies need to stay well hydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic, whereas tea can keep you hydrated. 
  • Improved sleep – alcohol might help you go to sleep, but it can affect the quality of sleep. Caffeine-free teas can calm you down and help you rest well.
  • No hangovers – you won’t experience the dreaded hangover from drinking tea. 
  • Save money – the comparison of the cost of alcohol and tea is substantial. You’ll save lots of money drinking tea instead of alcohol. You’re welcome!


Tea as a substitute for comfort alcohol such as red wine and spirits

You know what it’s like. You come home after a day at work and look forward to a glass of wine or a scotch. You just want a drink to keep yourself cosy on a chilly evening or need a drink to help you fall asleep. But is it good for your health? It turns out that daily alcohol intake increases the risk of long term health issues such as diabetes. Need a healthier alternative to alcohol? A cup of hot or warm tea is a perfect substitute for red wine, fortified wines and warming spirits. 

Tea is a more nutritious beverage than alcohol and some teas have herb blends that can help your system in areas you may be lacking.

Tea Tonic has a range of comforting and calming teas that will reduce alcohol cravings and provide more health benefits than alcohol ever can. Here are just a handful of what we have to offer to boost your health:


Tea as a substitute for white and sparkling wines

Having a weekend lunch with friends and want to stay alcohol-free? Try our range of sweet teas that are great warm and are equally enjoyable chilled. There are no added sweeteners, so your calorie level stays down too! Like alcohol, these teas can give you an uplifting burst of energy but you won’t suffer the loss of control or headaches that follow a bout of drinking alcohol: 

Tip: use a soda stream to make these teas bubbly! 


Tea as a substitute for other alcoholic beverages 

When you want an energy boost or feel like a shot of flavour, try these mood lifters and feel more vibrant:


As well as enjoying tea in place of alcohol, we recommend a well-balanced diet and exercise for all-round improved health and wellbeing. And who knows, after a month without alcohol you might realise how much better you feel and decide to do away with it or cut right down for good. And for that, we support you fully with our collection of herbal teas, green teas and more!

Check out or range of teas and place your order online today.